letusCDM Center of Excellence Ltd. and network of cooperation partners offer the full range of services for the global Emission Reduction and Sustainable Development Markets. CDM Center of Excellence Ltd. is a project development and full service provider with hands-on experience in the production and application of clean energy and sustainable manufacturing systems. Our clients are Sustainable Development and Emission Reduction Project Participants, Technology Provider and High Quality Manufacturer of Clean Energy and Sustainable Manufacturing Systems, Research and Development Institutions, Sustainable Development & Clean Energy Officials and Policy Makers.

With over 20 years of global technology and project experience and an extensive network of companies and partners in China and around the globe, we are able to deliver proven solutions to today’s complex manufacturing challenges and featuring ecological progress by exploring new ways of sustainable industrial manufacturing and sustainable product development under strict control of environmental and climate protection and social progress.


CDM Center of Excellence Ltd combines the strength of international technology and science capabilities with the knowledge and supply provided through its own diversified portfolio of production and delivery assets. Based in China with co operation partners in Europe and US we optimize every segment of the sustainable development value chain. We develop and manage both physical and financial project development starting from science, technology, project design and technology transfer, technical equipment and social programs to be involved to set up and operate innovative nation wide guided , breakthrough sustainable industry and social care development.

China will invest 3.4 trillion yuan (544 billion U.S. dollars) in ecological ( environmental and climate protection )and social progress based on the actual five-year plan for sustainable development. CDM Center of Excellence Ltd supports Chinese industry, administration and social service providers to make joint efforts to protect and build a clean and healthy environment and establish and secure a modern and comprehensive social system . As the largest developing country in the world, China has to boost cooperation with foreign countries and technology providers.

CDM Center of Excellence Ltd. track record for the Sustainable Development in China:

  • • top level industry contacts in the global manufacturing and technology industry, sustainable technology and social and healthcare development and progress solutions.
  • • complete range of technical, regulatory, trading , advisory and management services
  • • maximum implementation of regulatory, financial and legal aspects of international project development and global investment programs including highest compliance to Chinese Government regulations for sustainable industry development including ecological and social progress on all levels of Chinese society
  • • multilingual contract and communication service.
  • • supported by international network of cooperation partners and advisory council from Universities, R & D Institutions, Government Officials, Global Core Industries and Framework.

CDM Center of Excellence is a full service provider for the production and application of Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Systems.

CDM Center of Excellence and network of partners in China are in the area of:

  • • NEW SNCR, SCR project development and technology transfer including turn key project management for Cement, Steel, Fertilizer and Glass Industry.
  • • Energy efficiency ( Cement, Steel, Chemical Industry)
  • • Renewable Energy Projects ( Wind, Biomass, Solar)

CDM Center of Excellence is ready to support you to develop your sustainable development and clean energy projects:

  • • What Sustainable development can mean to you find project solutions and investors
  • • Source high quality low-costs suppliers and producers of high technology solutions for sustainable development of your industry /company
  • • CDM Center of Excellence and its network of partners are recognized as one of the best project developers, technology providers and consultants in the sustainable development, clean energy and global emission markets.

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