Actual Sustainable Project Start and Management

Sustainable Manufacturing portfolio is grounded in the four core process domains: supply chain, manufacturing operations, product design, and customer loyalty & brand management delivered by CDM Centers Sustainability Project Development.

Creating a sustainability strategy is not, however, a ‘one size fits all’ strategy. Every company needs to recognize its individual cultural, structural and economic challenges and define a roadmap that will help to meet its objectives. First we analyze a baseline of your company and strategies against which the forward plan can be developed, implemented and measured.

We then use a range of proven and established business tools, each targeted at addressing the specific issues within the business, identified by the development of future sustainable development. This tailored approach is from our experience the most effective method of moving an organization along its unique development towards a more a sustainable and effective state.

Our process guides you through assessment and planning phases, and onwards to implementation: Opportunity, Risk & Maturity Assessment.


A practical, prioritized plan for progress in alignment with your company’s specific business objectives, including quick wins.


Phased projects or programs to implement process, organizational, performance management and / or technological enhancements to support sustainability objectives.

Sustainable Plant Operations Management

Dashboards providing visibility and enabling realtime management of energy and water usage as well as carbon impact. Integration of key data from ERP systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems and PLM systems. This enables the end-to-end measurement and management of sustainable materials usage.